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Data Back UP - Efficient and fast data backup services to safeguard your important files documents / photos use of the latest tools and technology to back-up all your important data and store them in a safely

We have perfect data backup solutions for home and business users. We backup business data, financial, and administrative files for multiple users.

WE can remotely access your computer through the Internet and create a backup of your digital data on a CD, DVD or an external hard drive.


  • We offer a unique storage option in that we can offer a choice from almost every major data centre in the UK due to our expansive network.
  • We charge no Bandwidth fees to many sites, further reducing your costs.
  • Our solutions can exceed a Petabyte (1,000 Terabytes).
  • All our solutions are a minimum of RAID 6.
  • All our solutions are provided in Tier 2+ facilities, with redundant routers, network connections, power and cooling.
Starting From £10 per month (ex VAT)
  • 10GB data back-up
  • Additional space £1 p/GB)
  • *Server/NAS only