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Disaster recovery is the process, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster.

Many companies believe a 'disaster' is a once in a lifetime incident. In fact, these incidents are very common with growing numbers of viruses, security breaches, software issues, hardware failures and data corruption.

20% of all companies will suffer fire, theft, flood or storm damage, power failures, terrorism or hardware/software disaster. Of those without a business continuity plan:    
* 43% will never re-open    
* 80% fail within 13 months    
* 53% of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster

Source: Aveco    

* Less than 50% of all organisations have a business continuity plan    
* 43% of companies that do have a business continuity plan do not test it annually  
* 80% of companies have not developed any crisis management to provide IT coverage sufficient   to keep the business functionally effectively    
* 40% of companies that do have crisis management plans do not have a team dedicated to disaster recovery

Source: London Chamber of Commerce

icDisaster Package

  • Recovery from staff deleting data
  • Recovery from loss of servers
  • Recovery from loss of desktops
  • Recovery from lost or stolen laptops
  • Recovery from complete loss from fire, flood or theft
  • Reduced risk of interruption to your business
  • Failover from losing internet connection
  • No loss of Internet presence
  • Low cost solution

Starting from as little as £200 per month

Disaster Recovery Solutions Include:

  • Constantly backed up off site data
  • High availability Internet presence
  • High security Internet presence
  • Highly scalable Internet hosting
  • High capacity Internet connection
  • Highly resilient Internet connection

Disaster Recovery Services Provide:

  • 100% Data security
  • 100% Reliability
  • 100% Connectivity
  • 100% Scalability