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If you are considering a business grade telephony solution for your business, then Hosted VoIP is right for you. Hosted Business VoIP offers the key benefits of economies of scale, cost efficiencies and centralisation (even for small businesses) plus it also delivers the feature-rich capability and flexibility of an IP-PBX. Here are some of the key benefits.

Capital Cost Reduction

As you don't need a large PBX (a telephone exchange system, like a server) the cost of the business VoIP telephony system is greatly reduced.

Call Cost Reduction

Calls between employees within your voice network (with Voicenet Solutions) are free, usually just calling another department will be the cost of a local call. All other land-line calls- local and international- are greatly reduced.

Advanced Security

With Voicenet Solutions the security of every call is enhanced as all calls go through our high-level security Data Centre.  Session Border Controller security is also in place to make sure every call is delivered securely. The Session Border Controller (SBC) is a firewall designed specifically for VoIP calls and protects your business VoIP telephone solution from exposure to the public internet.

Business VoIP Technology Updates

Upgrades to the VoIP service and technology are made remotely whenever new features become available. You will receive them the moment they are launched rather than having to wait for a maintenance man to come and install new hardware on your site. Voicenet Solutions service allows calls to the emergency services numbers 999 and 112.