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Your Companies IT infrastructure will increase, so you need to provide for growth and flexibility. Once your data cabling system is installed, changes can be disruptive and expensive so it’s essential to get it designed and installed correctly first time.

Inventive Consultants provides:

  • Comprehensive cabling installation and management.
  • FREE Site Survey
  • Fibre optic cabling
  • Structured Cabling
  • Data Patching

Why Inventive Consultants

Fanatic approach

Our fanatic approach to installation and testing of structured cable systems ensures a lifetime of trouble free operation.

Experienced Cable Installers

All installers have a minimum of five years experience and most significantly more (20+ years)!

Comprehensive service

After the installation of the structured cabling we fabricate patch cables on site to keep the cabling professional and manageable!

Low key

On site you can guarantee that we will work around your business ensuring a minimum of disruption.

Steps for installation
  • Survey site
  • Install cable trays
  • Run data cables
  • Terminate data cables in the patch panels
  • Test and certify the system

Trust the Experts

Every patch cable is measured, cut, crimped, labelled and tested to ensure a perfect fit. The growing complexity of modern day networks requires an intrinsic blend of expertise, patience and attention to detail to ensure connectivity. We truly take pride in our work and like to believe we cross the boundary between cabling and art!

  • Structured cabling for Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Fibre
  • Comm.'s Rooms / Server Rooms
  • Data Centres
  • Office Networks
  • Live production sites
  • Connectivity for lights out data centres
  • High port density racks (700+ ports)
  • Serial console networks and console servers
  • Cabling for VOIP phone systems
  • Structured cable systems are certified using Fluke testing equipment.

Benefits of using IC structured Cabling Solution


Consolidate multiple cabling systems into one that can transport data of any format, from digital video to analogue telephones.

Future proof

Rapid growth in network communications is always pushing the boundaries of cabling infrastructure. Ensuring a future proof installation is a wise investment considering the appearance of new applications such as Voice Over IP (VOIP).


Every structured cabling installation provided by us comes with a full onsite 20 year warranty covering parts and performance.


For your complete peace of mind we can fully manage your structured cabling solution (and more) including auditing existing infrastructure, maintaining patching schedules and 1 working day break-fix.


Structured Cabling Solution

Structured cabling systems have different performance ratings, the performance rating is defined by the category. The category determines the maximum rate at which data can be transferred across the system.

The categories listed below are available for installation

Cat 5e

For LAN speeds of 1000Mbit/s - The maximum cable length for Cat 5e systems is 90m. All our Cat 5e systems are guaranteed to perform at Gigabit speed.

Cat 6

For LAN speeds of 1000Mbit/s - A higher performance cable that has better shielding and reduced cross talk. The maximum cable length for Cat 6 systems is 90m.

Cat 7

For LAN speeds of 10000Mbit/s - The highest performance category copper based system available. Each of the 4 pairs of wires and the cable are shielded. Backwards compatible with CAT5 and CAT6 Ethernet networks.